Argentina: President Macri’s reelection will hinge on economic rebound

President Macri’s approach to helping Argentina’s economy differed from that of his predecessors and other Latin American leaders, who had previously favored a more “shock” approach. Instead, Macri had chosen gradualism, but this did not bring about increased investment or exceptional growth. While the IMF bailed Argentina out, Macri’s government must now operate under tight fiscal rules and stringent government spending policies in the year of his potential re-election – will the administration pull through? Now Macri must lean on political strength amongst his Cambiemos coalition to emphasize focus on social policies which many Argentineans rely on, in order to secure crucial votes. Another factor in Macri’s favor is that his work on security and educational reforms has shown positive results, demonstrating that the President has indeed brought change to Argentina. These are all factors that will determine the outcome of the upcoming elections.

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