Colombia’s president juggles Venezuela, Trump and a shaky coalition

President Duque has had a lot more than anticipated on his plate since he became president just last year. The biggest challenges facing him and his administration have to do with revisions to the peace accords with the FARC, the social responsibility to the over 8 million people uprooted by civil war in the country, the over 1.9 million Venezuelans who have fled the political and military chaos in their own country, and of course, corruption and economic investments. While the economy is performing well, there is not much backing for Duque’s National Development Plan, and crime is on the rise.  There is a strong possibility that Mr. Duque will have to bend to Washington’s demand for greater defoliation to dampen coca production, which has also been increasing. How the President will juggle this amalgam of domestic and foreign issues remains to be seen.

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