Opinion: Bolivia’s leftist president is feeling the heat

Bolivians are growing increasingly weary of their president, Evo Morales, who is of the last of the “pink tide” leaders in Latin America. There are fears surrounding the question of whether – and to what possible extent – Mr. Morales will seek to maintain his grip on his absolute powers in government, should he not be re-elected this coming October. He has already overridden the constitutional two-term limit that he helped set in place, as he is looking forward to a potential fourth consecutive term. Bolivia’s gas exports are on the line, which is troubling for the economy and for Mr. Morales’s government as less and less revenue is coming in for various government projects. And only recently did the President decide to lean toward two German and Chinese companies who would take over most of Bolivia’s lithium production. We will see how all of these factors will play into Mr. Morales’s presidential campaign during the next few months. 

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