Opinion: Democracy put to the test in Bolivia

Waves of dramatic change have hit Bolivia since this past November, when President Evo Morales was ousted from office and replaced by the religious conservative Jeanine Añez. His resignation followed the disputed results of the presidential election, and protests erupted in the streets as hundreds of protesters clashed with military and police forces in the name of their democracy. What the future holds is uncertain, given the stark change in administration – where Morales was a hero for the indigenous in Bolivia, Añez has allowed for some questionable actions to be taken against protesters, many of them indigenous themselves. Now, as Morales resides in Buenos Aires, he encourages his supporters to rally behind his party, the MAS, and its new candidate, Luis Arce Catacora, ahead of May 3rd elections. As Morales works as Mr. Arce’s campaign manager, there are questions regarding just how removed the former president is from the administrative processes that run the country.

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