Media & Events

October 23 2018

Video report from GIS based on my report on Venezuela and China’s possible interference:

October 11 2018
I was honored to be included in a seminar at MIT recently dealing with the efforts of the academic and policy communities, known at the T20, for the G20 conference which was held in Buenos Aires in November 2018.

April 19 2018

The program pamphlet from my visit to Universidad Autónoma de Mexico to honor Luis Maira.

May 29 2018

Excellent video from GIS Reports based on my article on Cuba’s new challenges.


April 7 2015

With Alberto Fohrig: Update on Argentinean Elections

January 23 2015

Argentina: A year of elections – and the end of Kirchner’s reign

December 11 2014

Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet ‘compromise’ to reignite Brazil’s economy

October 31 2014

What future for Brazil as Dilma Rousseff returns to power?