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New Report: Argentina’s Macri in the Crosshairs

President Mauricio Macri of Argentina was a successful businessman for many years before becoming the Mayor of Buenos Aires then the President of the country in 2015. He proposed plans to guarantee economic stability, but thus far the success has been moderate. Changes in the coming months, like increased prices for utilities and gasoline, will exacerbate the rising public discontent, and the position of the dissident Peronists will likely strengthen. Unrest is growing particularly quickly among particular sectors, like farmers, who were waiting for Macri to cut the tax on soy as promised. Now, there is no sign Macri will cut the tax, and this example illustrates a larger trend in the implementation of Macri’s economic plans. Read more in my recent report for the Geopolitical Intelligence Services, “Argentina’s Macri in the Crosshairs.”

Prat-Gay Fired and President Macri’s Economic Plans Falter

Macri’s promise to revive the Argentine economy appears is late in coming to fruition. The first to go is the Economics Minister, Prat-Gay. Surprisingly, given his success in the Federal Capital, Macri is coming up short in gestion, the art of public administration at the national level.